Main points of the Haagse Stadspartij

The Haagse Stadspartij is...

The local party

We are the oldest local party in The Hague. We are there for the residents of The Hague, not for the multinationals and construction companies. We are only leftist local party in The Hague.

The culture party

We are there for the arts and culture scene of The Hague. We structurally invest in festivals, theatres, incubators, nightlife, libraries and culture in neighbourhoods.

The climate party

We are aware of the seriousness of climate disasters. We are against infinite growth and for a circular economy, preserving greenery and the trees.

The social party

We are there for everyone who needs care and a home. We fight against the housing crisis, police brutality, ethnic profiling, racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, poverty and violence against women.

The party against corruption

We are here to ensure that tax money is well spent on the residents of The Hague and their interests. It is time to crack

down on corruption and jobbery.

The party againt the housing crisis

We need 50 % social housing in new projects, also in the expensive parts of the city. We will crack down on slumlords, and initiate policies to buy out slumbuildings with the citizens.

Are you eligible to vote in the municipal elections? Want to support our cause? Read our program?